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Our Only Limitation Is
Your Imagination!

All of the murals on the following pages are available as either ceramic tile murals, tumbled
marble murals or house signs and plaques. Hand painted accent tiles are also available to
compliment your murals. All murals are custom made, sized to your needs, and hand painted
and fired. We do not use prints or sublimation to create our murals. Use the photo gallery for 
kitchen backsplash ideas and bathroom backsplash ideas.
 Our murals are available to customers
throughout the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean.

The links to the left and at the bottom of each page will bring you to galleries of previous
ceramic tile murals and tumbled marble murals by Florida Artist Kathy B. Carroll.



Our Mission

At KL Tile Murals I strive to create the highest quality, unique works of art for each of my clients.
Using ceramic tile and tumbled marble as my canvas, I work painstakingly with each client to
clarify their vision, capture it, and create a signature mural that reflects their personality,
and blends harmoniously with their environment.

About The Artist

My name is Kathy Carroll I am a native of Tom's River, New Jersey and have been living in
South Florida since 1983. I have over 15 years of experience creating custom hand-painted
ceramic tile murals, and have been painting for over 25 years. I paint in all genres but
the majority of my works are in tropical themes, nature, landscapes, seascapes, and marine life. 

I began painting professionally in 1992 and and in 2002 I started marketing my art work through
the internet as KL Tile Murals (my maiden name was Kathy Lempicki). Since that time I have been
commissioned to create hundreds of tile murals and tumbled marble murals for residential and
commercial clients throughout much of the United States in locations as far away as Alaska, Hawaii,
and the Caribbean.

About The Murals

Ceramic tile murals are painted using one of several methods. Each method having its
own "feel" as well as advantages and disadvantages for the artist. There is not
necessarily a "better" way, it is more the artist's preference. The following is the method I prefer.

The unfinished ceramic tiles or “bisque” starts out as “slip” (liquefied clay) which is poured
into a plaster mold. The mold absorbs the moisture from the slip, and the clay begins to
adhere to the mold and take shape. After the desired thickness is achieved, the excess slip is
poured out and the piece is allowed to set. The mold is opened to reveal the next stage: “greenware”.

The greenware is cleaned to remove seams and small blemishes. After sufficient drying time, the
greenware is placed in a kiln and is fired at a temperature of 1830F to 1940F for 4 to 6 hours. The
kiln is then allowed to naturally cool to room temperature; this may take approximately another
12 hours. After cooling, the kiln is opened and the bisque is removed. The bisque in now ready for painting.

I use a commercially made bisque for most projects to ensure consistent quality and dimensional
accuracy, although I also create house plaques and table tops of custom shapes, designs and
sizes. I prefer to use under-glaze paints, which is like painting with liquefied clay. It takes
a considerable amount of practice and experimentation to get the desired results, because unlike
other types of paints, under-glazes look vastly different before and after firing, as my gecko
friend below illustrates. And I may use a combination of 4 or 5 different blues and whites when painting
ocean scenes.

After the mural is completely dry the tiles are re-fired to bring out the full color of the under-glaze
paints. The mural is then glazed with a clear glaze and re-fired to seal and protect the tiles.
These tile are now the same size and quality as commercial tiles you would buy from a tile store.
Prior to firing each tile is numbered and a schematic is provided so the installer will know the
installation sequence.

The photos below illustrate the how firing brings out the full color and luster of the under-glaze
paints. These photos show my little "Deco Gecko" before & after firing. A very cool little dude!

Before Firing

After Firing


 Custom Murals on Ceramic Tile or Tumbled Marble  Check Out Our Listing On Thumbtack.com!

Contact Information for KL Tile Murals & Kathy B. Carroll


Telephone (954) 536-9343
FAX (561) 793-1549
Location Wellington, FL
General Information: info@KLTileMurals.com

Webmaster: JMC Marketing


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